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The allottee shall comply with and abide by the rules, regulations, by laws, orders and/or directions that may be issued by M/s EHFPRO (Pvt.) Ltd. from time to time. Incomplete application forms will not be entertained. Apartment allotted to an applicant should not be used for any purpose other than residential. Excess charges, if any, will be levied under extremely unavoidable circumstances for which the client shall be taken into confidence prior to levy of such charges. The allotee shall pay all taxes, charges etc.,if any, to the government agencies/authorities under the laws/rules/orders in force or that may come into force at a later stage. EHFPRO shall maintain steady progress of work according to the plan. However, EHFPRO does not accept responsibility for any delay in completion due to unforeseen circumstances or if Allottees do not make payments according to the payment schedule. EHFPRO retains and reserves the right at all times to make any changes in designs and specification of the project. In case of any dispute between the allottee and EHFPRO, the dispute will be referred for arbitration to Executive Committee of Housing Foundation, whose decision shall be final and binding on parties to the dispute. Every applicant will abide by these Terms & Conditions in addition to the bye-laws, rules and regulations governing allotment, possession, ownership, transfer, NOC, Mortgage etc, enforced from time to time by EHFPRO and any other civic agency. Allottee in possession will bear expenses of all civic facilities availed in future with change of rates as and when required. Allottee is bound to submit the original receipts whenever required and particularly at the time of transfer / handing over of possession to allottee by EHFPRO. Apart from the price of apartment, the allottee will also pay documentation charges for leases, connections and meter charges of electricity, water and gas etc. All common passages, services/amenities and the landscaped areas shall neither be constructed upon nor inappropriately utilized or rented out but will be exclusively used for purposes they are meant for. All orders and instructions issued by EHFPRO from time to time and decisions taken in regard to the scheme shall be binding on all concerned.



Priority shall be given to those applicants who: i. have not been allotted a house/flat or plot in Islamabad by Capital Development Authority or Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation or Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation or any other Government agency at any time irrespective of whether it was retained or disposed off. Each applicant shall have to submit an affidavit to this effect duly countersigned by a First Class Magistrate. ii. If at any stage, contents of the Affidavit are found to be fictitious or false or any material facts are found to have been concealed/misstated or suppressed deliberately and knowingly or otherwise, the allotment shall be cancelled, the money deposited shall be forfeited and such legal action as deemed appropriate will be taken. iii. In case both husband & wife are govt. servants then both are eligible for the allotment of apartment as individual service benefit, if they have not been earlier allotted house/plot/ apartment by federal government agency as stated above. Applicants are entitled to apply for any type of apartment according to or below their entitlement. However allotment in higher category is not admissible. Seniority of the applicants shall be maintained on the basis of "First Come First Serve" basis. In case of tie between applicants applying on the same day, criteria of “Age-wise Seniority” shall apply to determine their inter-se seniority. If again tie arises then selection shall be made on the basis of length of service and finally on the basis of grade. Contractual/daily wages/work charge/contingent employees are not eligible.